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How to Check an Aflac Claim
Knowing the status of your insurance claim is of vital importance as you seek to access your financial situation.  Aflac states that it usually process claims in four days or less.  If you need to find out the status of your claim before you receive a check (or a notice stating that your claim was denied) in the mail, Aflac provides two means by which you can check your claim status 24 7.  Check the status of your claim online or by phone.
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Print this article Instructions
Things You ll Need
Internet access or telephone
Visit aflac. com.
Click on the drop-down menu box at the very top of the page titled  Log-In.
Select  Policyholders  from the drop-down menu.  This will take you to the login page.
Enter your first and last name, ZIP code, birth date and policy number or Social Security number into the text boxes.
Select the link titled  View Policy Details & Claims History  located under  My Policy.
Click on the link titled  Claims History.
Select the specific claim that you want to check.
Call (800) 992-3522 from a touch-tone phone.
Press  1.
Press  1  and enter the primary policyholder s Social Security number or press  2  and clearly state the policy number.
Enter the date of birth of the primary policyholder when prompted.  Use two digits for the month and day, and four digits for the year.
Enter the primary policyholder s billing ZIP code when prompted to do so.
Press  1  to access the claims menu.
Press  1  to find out whether Aflac has received your mailed or faxed claim, or press  2  to hear the status of your claim.
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Bronada Oct 24, 2011
my husband had 40,000 dollars of ad&d and I was denied due to ethanol in his system but I found out that welding fumes produces ethanol.
William Sep 29, 2011
I do not like computer operators.
tommy. tarver1 Sep 02, 2011
How can you all loose an Express Mailed in Claim form, That s crazy and say you did get it.  we need to get to work Aflac and do better about the claims process please!
tommy. tarver1 Jul 28, 2011
you all need to find a way to confirm a Faxed in claim, this back and forward thing is not working for me, thanks.
Cynthia Jul 01, 2011
never had a problem, thank you all and keep up the good work.
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Search for: Check Aflac Claim Status Employee  

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